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Project Range


Even the largest construction projects, such as entire housing subdivisions, are no problem for us.

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We get the job done with expert planning and management, skilled employees, a fleet of versatile trucks and specialized equipment.

Experience and History


From management on down, our team has done it all, from operating basic equipment to project supervision.

Our Services

The single most valuable service PMK Contractors offers its customers is a simple one: An innate understanding of our role in your successful project.

To our customers, that means we make it easier for all other contractors on-site to do their jobs better. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to excellence and knows how to be part of a hard-working team that efficiently solves problems as they arise and meets demanding deadlines.

With that commitment as our guide, PMK offers these additional services to private, commercial and public works customers in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley:

  • Demolition. We perform expert site demolition and disposal, including partial or full building demolition, concrete and asphalt demolition, below-ground tank removal, and hazardous waste removal.
  • Mass grading and mass excavation. Site balancing services include importing or exporting of dirt, dust control, and overall preparation of the site for installation of utilities, concrete, structural work and other improvements. PMK is experienced in dealing with all types of soil found in northern California.
  • Fine grading. Once work on underground utilities is completed, the site is graded a final time to the approval of soil technicians and plan specifications before landscaping, concrete and paving is installed. If necessary, additional dirt is imported or exported.
  • Base courses and asphalt grading. Aggregate base Class 2 is applied according to specifications and asphalt paving completed for parking lots, driveways, walkways and streets.

More than 100 Construction Vehicles

PMK Contractors has more than 100 specialized trucks at its disposal, including dump trucks, bulldozers, backhoes, cranes, pulverizers and loaders. Our fleet provides PMK with the flexibility to handle the most challenging jobs quickly and completely. Our access to a variety of materials enables us to keep our costs competitive.

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Our company serves private developers and contractors as well as public entities such as municipalities. Call us today 510-259-6218 for more information our demolition, excavating and grading services.

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Complete demolition, excavation and grading services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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